Elfquest is this comic book that you discover when you're 10 in the library and it sucks you in because there is all this badassery and fighting and killing and crazy plotting and then it goes on and on and turns into some hippie bullshit about the planet or some fucking shit idk and then you get really angry and disillusioned god i can't believe how much i used to like this gay comic
i dont get why this is elf quest tho. i never read gay comics except for transmet.
wait what's gay about transmet? ok see here is elfquest: the elves are all really small, like childsized by human standards ok, and they almost universally have long hair, and the elves the story follows for the most part are the wolfriders who ride wolves that they're like psychically connected too or something. so this picture is basically a panel straight out of elfquest, with a big vaguely wolfish dog and a child grinning evilly at the camera.
oooh i get it now. comics are just too kiddish for me. i like my works of fiction to solely contain words.
oh my god your dog could not possibly look cuter and your daughter could not possibly look more like she is plotting to kill me in my sleep

the contrast between the two is amazing
i seriously think i am going to save this picture, crop out your daughter to remove creep factor, and use the dog for macros or something