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New Guns

New Guns, originally uploaded by hep.

evan on the prowl with his new space guns. i forgot who got him these but not only do they have flashing epileptic seizure lights but they make noise. i will find who did this, and i will have my revenge. however it's endlessly amusing to watch evan chase the girls around telling them they are dead and to stop moving unless they are zombies. his favorite gift this year was left4dead.

Left 4 Dead is fucking amazing, and yea thats definitely a passive aggressive gift. You should find them and push them down some stairs.

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yeah he disappeared downstairs and I haven't seen him since. Of course I knew it would be his fav cuz he has been DYING for it but I made him wait cuz it makes my job easier.
hehe Merry X-mas Hep :)

You know I was up till 4am X-mas morning playing Left 4 Dead ;D
Your family look so much like you. I mean, that's obvious to a point, but it's almost scary. The similarity is uncanny. Does your family reproduce by spores?
Hehehe :) Felicity got a little cat that made a meowing sound. I was like 'thanks' to the giver and then ripped out the noise making part :D