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genocide is genocide regardless of which formerly oppressed peoples are committing it.
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Bad as things are there, it's some serious hyperbole to call it genocide.
when an armed state attacks an emplaced and trapped civilian population with the intent of killing them i count that as genocide regardless of whether the UN agrees. It's one thing to attack another armed force and have there be civilian casualties, but it's another to constantly bomb civilians that you have trapped on all sides in a ghetto with not even basic human necessities like running water, food supplies, and adequate sewage drainage. There is no Palestinian Army, so everytime Israel engages they are solely engaging with civilians. Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group and whether you do it quick by lining them all up in front of a mass grave, or slow with death camps over the course of years, the difference in time is negligible when the populace you are eradicating has no option for removal.
I think Hamas is closer to Nazism than the Israeli state. In any case, Gaza, in choosing Hamas, took its small state to war. I believe it was a vote against Fatah, but it was a vote for war with Israel, too.
you cant have a war between a country with an armed force and a population that they are trapping into a small ghetto with no hope of exit. that is what we call oppression and the last time things like that happened after a lot of arguing we called it genocide. I remember having this very same argument regarding my own country's genocide and it took several years of death camps and mass killings of entire towns before people were willing to label it genocide. Palestine is not another country. They have no army. They have no state. Palestinians are a civilian population that is being trapped into a confined ghetto where movement is fully controlled inside a hostile country, with the constant threat of death for civilians either quickly by being bombed by a hostile army or slowly due to starvation and shortened lifespan from inhuman conditions and lack of the basic necessities of life.
hmm, those people? nah, theyr'e just a little hungry. aint no harm in that. they voted for the wrong people. s'watcha get.
thank you for your post and for all your arguments above. i don't have the energy to fight today. but i will tomorrow.
Israel took a page out of the Nazi's and Stalin's play book. This is called extermination through starvation. This is a tactic used when the offending side does not want to have a stigma of "genocide", instead they can just point out that the victims starvation is the victims fault. Another variation is called extermination through forced labor, which is Stalin's favorite.

The Nazis of course conveniently did not point out that the Jewish Ghettos were blocked, so nobody could go in and nobody could go out. Even if the victims did not die of starvation, they would die from diseases due to lack of medical help, lack of sanitations, etc.

You don't have to use bullets or poison gas to kill mass amounts of people.

This tactic is very similar to pirates forcing their victims walking the plank. Since the victims jumped off the plank by themselves (albeit under duress), and no bullets were fired and no swords were drawn, the pirates would attempt to claim that they did not commit murder. Of course, in regardless the pirates would get hung anyway because piracy itself is a capital offense.

Whether the Palestinians have a state, have an army, have elected a Government that did not want to compromise, etc, or what not, it does not matter in this case because this is about what sort of tactic and aim the Israeli Government is using and trying to archive. Just because the Jews in Warsaw's Ghetto attempted a armed rebellion did not change the fact that the Nazis had been applying the extermination through starvation tactic.
jesus christ this is such a huge fucking mess

considering that in 50 years the U.S. may very well be reduced to the current power level of England, what makes Israel think this is a good idea? In 50 years if China gets sick of destabilization in the Middle East causing problems for their oil supply or whatever, is the U.S. going to be strong enough and care enough to go to war to keep Israel safe? I really doubt it. When you're surrounded by nothing but enemies (enemies who outnumber you vastly) I don't see how you can possibly think it's a good idea to keep trying to strong-arm your way through everything.
i think they are applying for one of those gov bailout loans. something about a madoff sleeper scheme?
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If your neighbor starts shooting at you, you call the cops. If there aren't any cops, then you shoot back.