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footage of the unarmed kid that BART police gunned down in Oakland on New Years. discuss.

also if anyone knows karina vargas: i want her number. SHE IS SO CUTE!
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srsly praise the rise of cheap video cameras and cameraphones. shit like this has been going on in california since california first had cops and only now is the greater population realizing that when a black man says the cops shot me unprovoked maybe there is something to that instead of "oh yeah right like a BLACK MAN would be unarmed in OAKLAND" etc etc
people try and tell me that california is enlightened and past racism all the time. i tell them to go 1hour outside san francisco with some mexican or black friends for a day. and its always some white kid from ohio trying to tell me all about how not-racist california is and it's like, kid, tell me about california when you have lived here five years and been a person of color ok? srsly go back to ohio and tell me about corn.
In Greece, they riot over this shit. In America, "o well he probably deserved it".
dude its obvious he was totally guilty of BARTing while black.
I read the full story the morning after it happened and really, really wish I hadn't.

Obviously it won't bring their kid back, but the family is entitled to ~~millions~~ as far as I'm concerned. The entire thing is grotesque.
yeah and the girl was RIGHT to protect it. shit like this happens all the time and the evidence gets "lost" if they confiscate it.
honestly i would not stand up to a cop because i view them as an unstable human with a gun and guns are range weapons which means he has the drop on me. but shit like where someone has a knife and is holding a group of people hostage with it? you better believe i would have that knife in like 30secs flat. and in a situation like this i would have been doing exactly what she did, filming everything i could and then running so i could get it in front of as many people as i can.
Ive seen this group on BART, on and off at Fruitvale they are super ghetto, disruptive, loud, and just straight stupid.

I can only imagine what happened and Im glad I wasn't on the train.
Re: this video is more damning.
You can actually see him just stand up and shoot him.


The other one is going all over the place; I can barely see what's going on.
There was a protest just outside my store over this today (the BART offices are upstairs in the building I work in)
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