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bok bok

I forgot to post this video over xmas. cryptomail came over before xmas for our xmas cookie baking party and while he was here he filmed some video of the chickens. enjoy:

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cuz he goes into the street and crows down since it echoes and sounds super loud. Unfortunately people live there and its a pain in the ass since it echoes and sounds super loud. The rope is actually super long and I sit to work at the window and untangle him when he gets it tangled. He is actually really good on it tho, it's mexicano style tethering and set on a bar up in a tree so he can pull it back and forth and it keeps it from snagging too often. But i need to pull a couple small bush stumps out of the ground. He has a bunch of places to hide and can go back in the coop if he wants too. I didn't want to fence them off or keep them in a small pen tho, this way they get access to all the good worms all over the yard.
aw, cute.

i thought it was because he was being an asshole & chasing people like my uncle's white rooster did. i'm traumatized.
he chases the girls sometimes, but not me or Evan. In fact if we pick him up and put him on our lap he will pull his legs up and tuck his head down to be petted. Anyone else tho and he is like WTF YO? FLAP FLAP FLAP.

A neighbor of ours had a rooster for a while.

Apparently someone thought they were in Mexico and that you could have farm animals in your yard. Thank gawd the Animal Control folks came out and took care of this one as it liked to crow all the damn time....

yeah the only reason we can keep a rooster is cuz we have this massive 4acre yard dropping down to the lagoon. So there is literally no one on that side except a trailer park a mile away on bayshore. If the rooster is behind the house down the hill, he is shielded enough from the neighbors in the apartments that it just sounds like a distant rooster, not that in your face right outside the window bullshit. Even our house, we can barely hear him from inside and this is an extremely old 1930s cottage with single paned windows (Planes going overhead from SFO will drowned out conversations indoors)
Um wow man... chickens.... lol
My 2yr old enjoyed them though. He surprised me by knowing what a 'wooter' (doo-doo-a-doo) and a 'dittin' (bok bok bok) is. heheh
yeah i had chickens as a younger teen and I remember really enjoying raising them. So I am making the kids do it. I think taking care of animals is decent training for someday caring for a human. They start out on small furries (mice, rats, hamsters) then get a larger longer term pet (rabbits, lizards, tortoises) Then Chickens. Next up is a minigoat!
lol I actually had a pet rooster when I was a youngster... He was a surprisingly good pet, followed me around and such. I had him for a while then had to send him back to the farm I got him from when we moved (and found out shortly afterward that they stewpotted him... bastids). He had a dorky name 'Prince Roos of the Snow Forest' lmao (roos for short). What can I say. He was solid white I was like 10. heh
oh maaan so cute! Yeah growing up we had an ever changing rotation of hens and roosters. We all did 4H and stuff. I love our hens, they are so friendly. They will come up and jump on your lap and demand that you pet them like a cat.
sweet :) I love it when adult chickens make that happy little 'peep peep' sound.

I've been following your journal for a while and didn't realize you had little'uns. Farms(ish) are great places to raise kids. They learn all about life.
yeah i actually have big uns now. as in two of them are taller than me :( 9 girl (almost ten), 11 girl, and 13 boy (almost 14)
awwr... I hate that they grow up so fast. Mine will be 2 in March. Here's my fellah. He'll probably be taller than me before I can turn around twice.