his tether. he is a mexicano tethered rooster. otherwise he goes into the street and crows in front of these apartment buildings where its super loud and annoying. This keeps him on the east side of the house which only has the bay so he can crow to oakland.
yeah we have two different tieoffs for it. When we leave it goes on a slider bar that is up in the trees so he can run back and forth and side to side. When we are home the lead is tied to a statue so we can move him around in different parts of the yard to graze. The lead is about 30ft long but it's nylon line, I am thinking about replacing it with the nylon sheath cord because it gets snagged on the stupidest stuff, like tiny little pebbles and stuff. I need to see if they have a super light one tho because I don't want to give him something heavy that he has to *drag*, the benefit of the nylon line is that when the line is slack and he runs around there is no drag on his leg from the weight of the line so he can walk and run normally. But he isn't very smart so you have to check on him once every 30min to make sure he hasnt like walked into a bush or something. Which again, I think the nylon sheath cord would help with. Luckily me and one of my roomates work from home, and I sit at the dining room table which is against the window so there is almost always someone home watching all the animals. And the rare times we aren't here my dad comes over to stay with them. (There are 4 adults and 3 kids living here so it's kinda more commune than single family style)

However here I had to chase him all the way to the end of his cord because he didn't want to give up his prize. And you can see in the pic he is straight up challenging me over it, not giving ground at all. He is so lol. In the end the red hen got it from him cuz he was watching me. She is a sneaky hen ninja.
This is a goofy question but I'm curious - are you affectionate with him or are roosters not into that kind of thing?
well. Actually me and Evan are the only ones he will really allow affection with. Mostly Evan tho sometimes he will do it with me too, but I don't invite it as much. Basically he will sit quietly in your lap, pull his legs up like he is nesting, and sort of curl is head under and close his eyes while you pet him. If anyone else tries to pick him up other than our roomates and my dad tho, he will flap and squawk until they let him go. The girls however he likes to chase around and try to peck. But that is only because they act scared of him. It is a pain to approach the birds tho, because they are flighty you have to be patient. Only a few of them can you walk up to and pet (the red hen and the tiny grey hen) as a stranger. But if you walk up like super slowly and obliquely they will all allow you to approach them except the rooster, he will just pace you to keep about 4ft between. My roomates and my father tho, they can catch him and he will be quiet about it, but he will also try and get away as soon as possible, he tolerates their handling, but only when necessary

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That's really sweet. You should post more about your animals if you're ever in the mood.
yeah. its just kind of a pain to get time. any real free time i have im spending with them or the kids or yuriy. or i am just too tired out from doing all of that and watching it's always sunny in philly reruns while horfing down cherry garcia :D
You can see all 5 of them here:

left to right: KFC aka Tiny Hawk Chikken, Pumpkin Spice aka Tiny Grey Dustmop, Pong aka Little Red Hen, Huevo aka David Bowie, Syn aka El Pollo Diablo. You get to making a lot of nicknames for chickens because they are like horses, you talk in a constant low monotone to soothe them when you are handling them.
not yet or they are hiding them. I think red hen is, she just always goes off into the bushes where I can't watch her and then disappears for a few hours. So I am sure she is laying somewhere, I just have been too busy to follow her around all day yet. Also now that the smaller ones are grown we can take the divider out of their coop and put the nesting boxes back in. When you have small baby hens tho, you have to seperate them or the older hens will bully them. Chickens don't understand size differences and chicks turn into tiny miniature hens really quickly so the other hens just think they are normal hens. Now our smaller two have bulked up and shoot reach their full size relatively soon. In theory they should all be laying by the next three months.
they're all so pretty! It's cool you have the whole color scheme diversity thing going on there. Jessie Jackson would approve.