Henny was my first chicken (that my nieces named) She just showed up, I think she escaped from a cage..her beak had been shaved or cut down. She was just the most amazing chicken. I would have never gotten chickens if she had not showed up.

The night a possum ran off with my bantam I saw it happen and chased them but he got away with her and climbed into a crawlspace of a high shed :(((( I declared war on possums after that. I had no idea they ate chickens but to hear him eating mine was it. My poor little chicken :(

That is so cool about your chickens in the historical neighbourhood..it's really funny. A lot more people have chickens than I ever realized...I go to this historical home that sells herbs and flowers nearby and she was the one who had bantams and gave me two of her babies. They looked like fuzzy bumblebees. I lost one of them a few years ago when she was eggbound and it broke inside her. I never knew I would someday have a chicken in a carrier at the vet and be bawling over it.