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Paz para Gaza VII

Paz para Gaza VII, originally uploaded by xandercr.

I will be here tomorrow:

SAN FRANCISCO: National Day of Protest to Stop US/Israel Genocide
START DATE: Saturday January 10
TIME: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
WHERE: Civic Center Plaza, Larkin and Grove Streets., San Francisco.
WHAT: Protest

This is a national day of protest with actions across the United States to stop the US/Israeli war on Gaza. The Israeli government has escalated its constant attacks on Gaza into a ground invasion. Hundreds of Palestinians have been murdered and thousands wounded. The bombs are being dropped on schools, homes, ambulances, tunnels, places of worship and more, all paid for with US tax dollars to the tune of $15 million a day, $6 billion a year. That is why we have no education, no housing, no healthcare and no pensions; we cannot have guns and butter. The ANSWER Coalition, Free Palestine Alliance, Muslim American Society Freedom Foudnation, National Council of Arab Americans and Al-Awda-International Palestine Right to Return Coalition call on everyone around the world to attend all protests to show solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza and demand an immediate end to the murderous attacks carried out by the US-backed Israeli military.
Endorserers, call 415.821.6545
For more information, see:

ja i think there will prolly be a competing pro-israel protest. there usually is. So far the funniest joke has been Roger's with "Have you figured out which franchises are going to be the food vendors?" Tho my joke of "Can I get the official SF Peace for Gaza Commemorative Protest Cup?" is pretty fkn funny.
Ooh I should go! I just broke up with my boyfriend and moved up to SF I need to keep myself busy ^_^
you should join us then! we are gonna meet up at 11 at one of the corners there.
I'm not sure if I will be there that early (I kind of have a rebound coffee date lol?) as well as a date with finding a job. but I still want to go so I might try to join in anyway. SF protests are a good time.
well hope to see you there then! how lol will it be if we run into each other. sf is so small tho everytime i go out i run into 100 diff random people i know.
I know haha same thing happens to me. Somehow I have more friends here than I did in Seattle :p
Also I've been keeping up with the Isreal/Palestine conflict and it's very sad. My heart goes out to the "casualties"
dude look i havent even had the energy to blog about it. Shits crazy we broke up on Christmas day. Now hes got some skank? living with him and sleeping in his bed. I'm like okay... nice rebound dude. I'm trying not to be vindictive... after all I'm the one that ditched him after over 5 years. Come to SF though we can still chill!
Oh man, I'm sorry to hear that : (

Haha, hats off to you though (I am vindictive as shit, haha).

I graduate (ROUND ONE OF 3 GRADUATIONS) hopefully in May, and after that I want to travel as much as I can to everywhere I can. So, I'll come say hello in the flesh if I can!
is this the no-pants protest. If so I am totes down w. the cause.
You should go with faux protest signs that looks similar to the ones ANSWER passes out that say JEWS DID WTC. Pass them out, no one reads them anyway.
yeah they do the same here. but it does cost money. they rent a stage and have a bunch of speakers up. Its really picturesque the media laps it up. Cops in SF are pretty nice tho during protests cuz it's mostly white upper middle class hippies and shit. Then like 200 black bloc show up and march around spray painting starbucks and throwing dumpsters in the street and generally acting 10. Then they all get arrested for their scene cred. Later there is a solidarity sitin at the jail. Etc etc. SF is so boring sometimes.