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London Protests

I swiped all this from the daily mail but these pictures are amazing:

Protesters clash with police as 100,000 strong London Gaza demo descends into violence

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 8:25 PM on 10th January 2009

Violent clashes occurred between police and around 20,000 protesters outside the Israeli Embassy in London - with an estimated 100,000 protesters airing their views around the city.

Windows were smashed and policemen were injured - with one officer knocked unconscious in the running battles and two requiring treatment for facial injuries.

The protesters - mainly young men - knocked down barriers threw missiles including eggs, red paint, sticks and shoes as 300 officers in full riot gear tried to maintain the peace.

Police try and hold back the protesters outside the Israeli embassy, Kensington, as thousands show their anger at the worsening situation in Gaza

Barriers are broken down as the protest turns ugly, with at least one police officer hospitalised by the riots

Attacked: Protestors go for horse-backed officers in Kensington

Burning bush: A placard bearing a portrait of U.S. President George Bush is set alight. There were reports of rioters trying to set police vans alight

Hyde Park was also the center of protests, with thousands calling for an end to conflict in Gaza

There were reports that some protesters had tried to set fire to police vans.

The violence, which broke out in front of the Israeli Embassy, appeared to be led by a hard-core of masked and hooded youths.

A national demonstration against Israel's attack marched from Speakers' Corner at Hyde Park today to the Israeli embassy in High Street Kensington.

It was estimated there were around 100,000 protesters in total across London, including the Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park and Kensington protests.

A protester pushes down barriers as police try to maintain calm amid missile-throwing and window-smashing

Demonstrators inside the Starbucks branch near the Israeli embassy in London

Flags are burnt as the protesters make their feelings known during the riots

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oh yeah i saw that earlier. this entire thing is so terribly shadily timed its atrocious.

Flags are burnt as the protesters make their feelings known during the riots

AHAHAHA, the most obvious caption ever.
Despite all the money Isreal has spent on Madison Avenue it remains a chained chi wha wha...

Isreal waited for the lame duck Bush administration in full force and begs Obama for some $$$. Isreal is a cuckhold bitch with an identity crisis...
if you scroll down your journal comment it makes a pretty pattern like those MAKE A WISH AND SEND THIS 2 10 PPL forwards, so i made a wish but idk if its come true yet or not.
I <3 u Hep.

What's happening is definitely part of genocide. The bombing in and of itself no, but Israel's whole campaign against Palestine is absolutely genocide.

how far back does it go tho? does it cover lebanon too? i think lebanon is such an integral part of the conflict as well, you can't remove it completely because it affects the gazans so much too.
pain in ass of all world! Animals! Deport them from LONDON back to their "good" countries!!! With "fridom" of speach and "freedom" of religion!
What racist crap??? Pardon me? Or you want to tell me that this mess it is human way to protests?
Hamas shoot legs of oponents,may be London police have to do the same?
yes dickwad shit like "DEPORT THEM BACK TO THEIR COUNTRIES!!!111" is racist. get off your high horse and fucking learn that once someone gains citizenship or entry to another country for the purposes of residing there that makes them A CITIZEN OR RESIDENT which entitles them to protest in any manner which they desire and they can suffer the normal consequences if they desire to protest in a civil disobedient manner. or is it just fine when white kids throw trash bins and set fires all over on may day, because after all, they are "from" there?

you are a racist plan and simple. you outed yourself on "deport". accept it, get past it, try to change, whatever. but dont expect to convince me that you aren't some kind of racist.