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I wonder what kind of averages they are taking here, because the part of Manhattan I live in is mad cheap.
Re: Shenanigans
yeah but thats only gonna pull the average down a little because there will be extremes at both ends of the scale. like in sf we have rent control on some places which makes them insanely cheap, but then there are all the new lofts and glass apts that go for like $8K for a 1bedroom. Not to mention what homeowners pay cuz they bought at the wrong part of the market.
One summer I lived with my ex's family in their three storey condo smack dab in Manhattan.
The dollar amount pretty much terrified me.
Depends. A single person might be able to get by on $73k in Boston, but rent in a nice neighbourhood on a one bedroom will be about $1600 a month, minimum. A family needs at least the Manhattan figure.
Shit dude, I'm not even middle class in Houston.

They should've put places like "Karachi" on the chart so I wouldn't feel as "outside the center".