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snow, originally uploaded by hep.

mountains with snow across the sfbay. wtf? Is castro valley experiencing snow?

yeah this is not the bay at her best. the water is all grey and choppy today. every super sunny day around 3pm the bay fkn glows baby blue because the sun is at the perfect angle and the bay is usually extremely calm.
no snow in Castro Valley but the tops of the hills in Livermore are nicely dusted with it.

Hayward only got hail and a lot of rain.

i thought that at first, but i think diablo is more to the north of us. I can see a pointy peak too thats far more north and looks like it sits off berkeley which I think is diablo, these mountains are longer, looks like part of a chain. As far as I can tell looking at the google maps terrain maps, they are the chain of mountains that run north by livermore and castro valley. Directly west of us is the West Oakland Hills, which look like they are lacking snow (I can't tell now since everything is rained out and visibility is down to like 1mile)
I'm pretty sure its Mt. Hamilton :) I was on the road to up there and it was closed due to ..

hah I was right up on that shiz..

Robert and I took a ride out to Sunol, and thru the hills here in Niles Canyon..

It was smack in front of me, it felt like I was in Tahoe

I love living here at times :P