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new eggs

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since huevo is a bantam hen her eggs are slightly smaller than store bought AA or AAA eggs. She just laid this one fresh at noon today. I have to clear most of the eggs from her nest or she might start going broody this weekend. Yesterday was too dark and cloudy for her to lay. If chickens don't get enough sunlight or sunlight-like light they won't lay. Later this summer we are going to add another room onto their coop with lighting for the rainy winter months.

How long do chickens live? What do they do when it gets really cold?
God they can live up to ten years or over depending on the breed. That is usually never your problem tho. They get taken by predators more often than dying of natural causes, and there are other conditions like eggbound, etc that will shorten their lifespans.

As for cold, luckily we live in California. It doesn't snow here and it usually stays in the 50s during the day as far as the cold end of the scale. When it rains we let them out for only a couple hours, and before we put them away we dry them over the heater. Wrap them in towels, dry the feathers, then keep them corraled in one area of the house covered in newspaper until they are warmed up. As long as they are in their coop they are pretty warm, it's actually insulated with leftover insulation from insulating our garage. They also have several areas of the yard (they are free range) with various structures we have built them to hide from the rain in. I have a pond liner that is unused that I made into a little shed for them. We built little roofs for some of their nesting areas. It never snows here or really drops below 40during the day so they get out at least once a day pretty much without fail. For people who live in snowy areas its a lot more of a pain. I have a friend in alaska who has a fullsize coop (the size of a real room) with lighting, heat, etc. It has to be big enough for the chickens to move around in during the winter months up there, with adequate light so they will continue to lay. I've heard similar things in other snowy areas.
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Hopefully the FDA won't come down on you with a no-knock warrant :D
Do you ever pasteur your chicken so they can eat grass? My friend was telling me about that and I want chickens really bad now.
yes they are actually free range chikkins so they eat my lawn constantly. we have a coop for them that they go locked into at night. I live in the shadow of a mountain (on another mountain) so it gets dark here at like 4-5pm. Not dark dark, but sun gone twilight kind of dark. At that point the chickens move either into the coop on their own or they roost in the small trees around the yard. (we have a bunch of weird olivelike trees that are about 5ft tall) Usually around 6ish the children lock them in the coop, and they come out again at 7am. The part of the yard which belongs to the chickens is mostly fenced off surrounded with shrubs. They can go thru the fence, but they usually stick really close to the house and feeding area.