pacman inkee

chook coop

coop in yard downhill from coop
coop screen wall coop interior
People seem to be really interested in the chikkins so I shot some photos of their coop after I cleaned it out today. This is our back yard which extends down the mountain. It's enclosed by an old rusty tetanus trap of a fence with trees and bushes blocking them from easy stabbing access. The chickens love going into the bushes and can easily find their way through the fence but they tend to avoid going out in the open much on the other side with the exception of loving to run around our mailbox by the road. They have free run of this whole yard, you can see the area around the coop is pretty well scratched, they love eating the baby grasses there. However down the hill it is still very lush, the hens stick near the rooster and that's at the far end of his tether. He prefers to stay under the trees and eat bugs on the steps.

huevo huevo
I tried to get some good shots of huevo in the sunlight today to show her iridescent tint. She has a lovely teal overlay on her black feathers.
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is it like a genetic law that all Hispanics must keep chickens in their yard?
omg i will raise a chick for you guys if you do. or you can buy layer hens for $20 from our feed store. Or you can buy chicks from there, but they are kind of a pain to raise in that you have to devote time every couple hours for the first few weeks to watching them to make sure they are doing ok. But after that they are pretty easy in a cage. Then when they reach pullet size (like mostly grown chicken but not fat in the breast yet) you can move them out into the coop/yard. They really only need a small amount of space in the coop if you only have a few chickens, and a coop is basically just a big plywood box with some sort of easy hosedown capability. You can keep 2 chickens fine in a backyard that is extremely small. My ex had 4 chickens in his backyard that was smaller than my living room.
i want to get some hens when we get a house/property, but i think i'd be a bad chickenmommy :<
so, um, are these chickens gonna have the grisly fate of ultimately becoming tasty meats for their deceptively friendly human masters?. . . or are they pets and gonna die of old age and ultimately get buried in a chicken cemetery?. . .
They are layers, but still working animals. These kinds of hens won't put on enough meat to be worthwhile as fryers. So it's not quite the bond of pets, but moreso than more meat animals.
I grew up like that, but I always know the chickens and ducks that we have are for food.
I am so jealous. stupid suburbs with cc&rs that will not allow me to have goats and chickens :( I am paying ridiculous white people prices for organic eggs, but I don't give a shit because I eat a lot of eggs dammit. however I am looking for a CSA that does eggs so I am at least getting the local-est eggs I can.

Is there such a thing as a mute chicken? My neighbors on either side are cool but the two behind me are shitboxes and would tattle :(

p.s. those are some goddamn good looking waffles.
Most hens are pretty quiet. They make a low bokbokbok noise. The problem is you need chickens in pairs because they are so social. However, I would recommend some small bantam weight hens. Huevo is a bantam weight Polish hen, and we used to have a bantam Silkie hen too. Both breeds are pretty docile (silkie's are notoriously docile) and they lay pretty good eggs despite their smaller weight. Do they have anti-chicken laws there? We live in a suburb literally 10mins from downtown SF and the only restrictions on poultry are no more than 6 chickens per half acre.
srsly me too. people don't understand what fkn awesome pets they can make. messy, but what animal isnt?
yes you should come over soon and we can bbq! not bbq chickens tho I would be too sad.
becauseshewas told me to check out your journal because I just got my first chicks yesterday. :)

I added you so you can see my babies. (My journal is all friends only.)

Nice birds!
omg yay! i love more chicken people. I don't know why EVERYONE doesn't keep at least 2 chickens around (aside from zoning laws)