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chook coop

coop in yard downhill from coop
coop screen wall coop interior
People seem to be really interested in the chikkins so I shot some photos of their coop after I cleaned it out today. This is our back yard which extends down the mountain. It's enclosed by an old rusty tetanus trap of a fence with trees and bushes blocking them from easy stabbing access. The chickens love going into the bushes and can easily find their way through the fence but they tend to avoid going out in the open much on the other side with the exception of loving to run around our mailbox by the road. They have free run of this whole yard, you can see the area around the coop is pretty well scratched, they love eating the baby grasses there. However down the hill it is still very lush, the hens stick near the rooster and that's at the far end of his tether. He prefers to stay under the trees and eat bugs on the steps.

huevo huevo
I tried to get some good shots of huevo in the sunlight today to show her iridescent tint. She has a lovely teal overlay on her black feathers.

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