pacman inkee


hawk, originally uploaded by hep.

redtailed hawk flying above our house. i think it wants to snack on the chikkins.

no they won't take the chickens. there is too much out here for them to make a clean swoop and all these hens are too heavy now. but they will take pullets so i keep the pullets in a pen until they are fullgrown. currently they are still inside for another two weeks or until they declare themselves roosters.
I love hawks, they are awesome. I'd think they were less awesome if I had chikkins, though.
for some reason my brain read "chikkins" as "chidrins" and I was picturing this hawk trying to swoop off with one of your kids
Well yeah! Chickens are delicious!

But I hope you went out there flappin' your apron and waving your shotgun and yelling "GET OFFA MY LAND GODDAMMIT". Because I just like to picture you doing that.
little known hepfact: i wear an apron almost continually while in the home. i have a million adorable vintagey ones.
Yeah... I have one that seems to hang around my house now. I think it wants to eat all the squirrels that float around my place because we feed them peanut butter crackers.