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zorya in her den

zorya in her den, originally uploaded by hep.

here is an extremely bad picture (it was lowlight and i had a full stop filter on ok) of zorya in her den. she has this cave we made her out of vines and branches. she likes to bury toys in there.

I love huskies/malamutes that are brown! She is so beautiful I could just wrap a bow around her.
Big fluffin puppins! I LOVE nordic breeds, but HATE the grooming.

I've been spoiled by Doberfur. lol
yeah we brushed her out today and now the trees in the yard have a nice coat of fur. we all came inside COVERED in fur. Her winter coat is coming out so she is all scruffy right now.
she isnt good with chickens at all. she wants to eat them. but we have this huge wraparound yard cuz we live on top of a mountain so she has her own giant fenced area on one side and the chickens have free range of the rest of the yard. Her yard is chicken wired off so they won't sneak inside. It works out pretty well, the chickens would rather graze down the hill than walk around the house.
what was the purpose of the filter (even if it wasn't intended for use in this particular shot)?. . .
it was my fullstop ND filter. i just had it on there for shooting some water stuff and i didn't want to put it in my pocket.
what's the point of a full-stop ND filter?. . . is it for when you want to use a specific aperture size and at that size with the amount of light available, the shutter can't go fast enough?. . .