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chick post!

so here is another chick info post about chicks. people seem interested in how to raise them, there is a wealth of information on the internet, i am particularly fond of backyard chickens which has a ton of advice. for more info on chicken breeds there is the Henderson's Breed Chart which has links to even more info. If you are bay area local I get chicks from Half Moon Bay Feed & Fuel or via internet from my pet chicken which sends in small batches starting with 3 which is perfect for urban chicken keepers.

chook cage exterior wallside chook cage exterior doorside

I usually raise chooks in batches of two trying to keep a henflock size of 6. We generally start out with 2-4 day old chicks. Chicks are pretty weak compared to chickens so you have to make sure they have a consistant 90-95temp, the chicks themselves let you know how warm they want it, they should be lively but not squeaking, only small peeps. Louder chirps mean they are too cold, and if they are panting and keeping as far from the light as they can it is too hot.

chook cage interior doorside chook cage interior doorside

For the first few weeks I keep a cardboard box inside the cage with them. Build-a-Bear boxes make great chick huts, about the time it gets too small the chicks don't need the box to trap warmth anymore since their feathers are coming in and the light can be suspended over the open cage. During the first week the food bowl is kept inside the cardboard box. Make sure the water is on a direct line of sight and very close to the door. Chicks need to drink water while eating. After about a week the food can be left on the outside. Over the box I keep a 60watt heatbulb. Over the open cage I keep a 100watt heat bulb and turn it off when it off when it's too warm in the house.

chook hut interior oreo waffle

Most feed stores will carry a good chick starter feed. This is all they need for the first two months. Handle the chicks gently but often. The first month is the most important for getting them used to being handled. Feed them treats from your hands if possible so they associate you with the benevolent food god. I like getting baby crickets from the pet store and letting them loose inside the chookhut. If you spend an hour a day socializing your chicks they will be the most charming, sweet, tame birds ever. This size cage will hold the chicks up until about a month and a half. When these chicks reach that age I will post showing their next set of accommodations.
yay i am 88% sure my roommates/back yard neighbors will go for my plan!!
YAY how many are you gonna raise? let me go with you to get them! also i have plenty of advice about breeds and such. I have raised several of many breeds.
i dunno! help!! seriously we need to make a chick/take pictures/catch up date sometime soon, i have loads of free time (lol)
did i ever tell you about the guy who wanted me to raise fighting cocks for him?

chicks are cute but chickens annoy me so no chicks for me
You are the first person I read about using a "chick hut".
Seems like a good idea.
How are your cats taking to the birds? Do the chickens walk around inside or watch your Tivo without you around?
I really need to start thinking about some backyard chickens now that we have our house. I'm thinking about some bantams again. I'm also considering trying some guineas too.
Those coops that people make on Backyard Chickens...omg how awesome are those!? I want a victorian mansion playhouse for my girls!
I can't have roosters because of my location, do you know if pet chicken will ship only hens?! I so want some of these!
Hi I'm a dork, I just saw where the drop down is, you can just say females!