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coop upgrade

yoshio, my dad, zoe, and evan spent the weekend upgrading our chicken coop and building a new chicken run. huevo recently found a new egg hiding spot which has so far eluded me since i do not have time to follow her around all day. the chicken run allows us to give them access to outside while still confining her til after she lays. now all that is left is to put on the roof (happening this week) and paint everything which is slated for our spring break project this year. what colors should we do? i am thinking bright tangerine orange.

coop exterior coop exterior longview
nestbox side nestbox and ramp front
Are you going to use welded wire too, or just chicken wire? and did you get the metal, or plastic?

We didn't end up getting any work done on our coop, but we got the materials... it's a start. Good thing they are still just babies. :)
eventually i want to replace all the chicken wire with the really fine welded wire, but its SUCH a pain to get in compared to chicken wire and I wanted the configuration done and secured by the end of the weekend so we can see if we need to alter it. (all the panels detach so we can move the whole thing all around the mountain and reconfigure it for the different hill grades. there will also be roof panels and the open chicken wire part on the coop wall will be replaced with a panel.) basically my goal was: get it together and work on making it look good over spring break. plan on things taking 2x as long as you expect them to once you start building. also you are lucky because our chickens kept trying to "help" with the building. it was lol
Movable sounds like a REALLY good idea.
We don't have to worry too much about that though, because our yard is flat, and the shed ain't movin. :)

I don't think we are going to put roof over our run. maybe a tarp over half of it... if that will work.
I think tangerine would be a very cute color.

what kind of spread do you guys have with your house? it seems like you guys have a lot of yard space.
cheery orange chickencoop! YES.

I love your chicken/housepictures so much.