pacman inkee

bad internet day

i have heard tell of quite a few of my flist having a bad internet day. here are some chicks to cheer you all:

sleepy chicks

how do i get over there?

posing chicks

waffle preens

i want to go to there!

kissing chicks

milkshake inspects the camera

how did i get here?
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yes they tend to sleep huddled up next to each other. chickens are highly social, raising a chick alone tends to make them have anxiety issues (ie hurting themselves by looking for others of their kind/stuff to do/etc) which is why i tend to keep them in batches of 2-3. in a real clutch of chicks they would be like a little chick blanket on the floor at night. later around a month we put sticks in the cage for tiny roosts for them.
Awe! Cuteness! I can't believe how quick they change.
I'm cuddling what I think will be my roo right now. :)
does he act like a roo? they will be more inquisitive and interested in the general world. im worried that milkshake up there is a roo, but if so she (i say she so as not to jinx) is pretty docile. we shall see.
It's just a feeling. The way it carries itself.

Also in BYC there was a thread about RIRs being easy to sex.
This person claims that females all have a dark stripe on their head.
A couple other people agreed that that worked for them.

Someone else said it can't be trusted.

Just for curiosity sake I marked mine with the stripes on their heads to see what happens.

This one has no stripe.
my unfortunate talent is for picking roos at under a week old because i like inquisitive chicks. such a pain hehe! i think these are both hens because they are really docile, esp the orpington which was sexed in the hatchery. she acts like a textbook orpington hen chick, extremely easy to handle, very sweet, easy to hold. the other one is more active and curious, but still very easy to handle.
Some of mine are really easy to handle. I set them on a paper towel between me and the keyboard, and some will just settle in and talk to me. And one like the last one I just had out will stand up tall and cheep for it's dear life.
yeah some of them get huge seperation anxiety. about the only time waffle will flip her shit is when i take milkshake out and she can't see.
god isnt there a desktop widget for rfjason so i dont have to go to websites?

(ok, so I think Waffle does, too, but couldn't resist.)

Thanks for chook pix. They grow so fast!