fyi, i've heard that tortoises can carry salmonella so anyone who handles one should wash their hands afterwards. ..
yeah we are already on that from the chickens, cats, and bearded dragon. we have a pretty good handwashing after handling any of the animals habit.
Cute girl!
Happy b-day lil one.

And hot rod... LOL What a name.

it's so fast! it books around all over it's enclosure. she named it with my stepdad, he is really into classic cars and restoring them and stuff.
How cute! And I have always wanted a desert tortoise, but I am in no position to care for an animal that high-maintenance right now.
Happy Birthday Miss Zane! Many happy returns!

(that dress reminds me of delicious cupcakes. mmmmm)

And welcome to Hot Rod. (great name ... as with your other pets)