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agua, originally uploaded by hep.

i went on a field trip today. here is a picture. admire my dof.

It's very lovely dof. :)

I was wishing it wasn't raining the past couple days because I wanted to go out and shoot macro stuff.
hep, are there any sony cameras you'd recommend? <$500 range.
i dunno about sony. are you looking slr or rangefinder or what? i can ask my roomate, he does video and will know more about sony cuz sony is like king of high end video right now.
no idea. i'm looking for a good new camera for home use, & you always have beautiful pictures. just wondering if you had any suggestions, really. i'm sony's bitch, but i'm open. :)
where'd you go? My brother just got a new job where he gets to take kids on field trips all the time now.
sfsu. it was not the best field trip, but it was a nice day. most of the time the field trips to the college are super interesting, the kids meet students and get tours and do scavenger hunts that are actually interesting. sfsu is on spring break tho, everything is closed and the scavenger hunt was basically entirely "what room is ___ dept in?". So boring. But it was super nice out and the kids had fun playing on the lawn.
Funny - this mornign when I went out to my motorcycle there was dew on it and I thought about going back for my nice new camera and taking a photo (conceptually) just like this. Thank you for getting the shot I did not, and likely doing a better job than I would have.
hehe thx you! yeah some times the key to getting the great shots is to just deal with the headache of getting the camera OUT! I lucked out with this, I had my camera out already for field trip and came across an awesome sprinkle spray waterdrop tableau on said field trip.
Can i ask what kind of lens etc you used of this shot? Your dof as always is fab :)