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Writer's Block: Gamer's Choice

What is your favorite old-school video game?

most people guess mine is pacman, because inky is my favorite videogame character, but it's not. i am hands-down a diehard galaga fan. i refuse to go to bars unless they have a galaga machine. i don't drink so i demand some form of entertainment for looking after foolish drunks. galaga is actually my favorite videogame of all-time, old-school or not, followed of course by pacman, and then rez.
I would have imagined you to be a Galaga-Girl. You seem the type.
Re: well then....
ur dreamin. i can duck and weave thru the ships. what i love about galaga is its all vector math, if you hit the right ships on the next pass you can weave thru those holes.
Re: well then....
Alright then...what's at stake besides my pride LOL? :)
Keep the public humiliation quotient relatively low.
Oh my god, Rez. I <3 you.

I put on headphones and deafen myself to that game about once a month. I have the new HDTV version and its just :D
u r a crackhead. . . the real order of things was:
star wars
crazy climber
double dragon
battle zone
atari football
tail gunner
galaga sucked. . . galaxian was way cooler with its warp nacelle ship. . . also, do you remember the name of that galaxian-esque game in which you were kind of in a 3-d-ish tube view rather than that flat view looking down on this ships?. . .