i refuse to believe that the source of bacon would hold such sharp edges. this is clearly the fault of muslum vegetarian extremist moonbats who hate our freedomsbacons.
Ugh. I guess this means that the price of delicious bacon is going to sky rocket.
I can also safely say I am really glad that my potbellied pig is six feet under and not trying to kill me with his deadly PIG FLU. OMG.
omg i know the feeling. everytime there is a bird flu outbreak i look at the hens like all HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!??! IS IT BECAUSE I EAT YOUR BABIES?!??!?!?! kekekek
When that bird flu thing was the worst, they would go door to door, looking like govt. Jehovah Witnesses and I told the chickens "you better be quiet back there because I am about to lie and say "do I look like I have chickens!?"

They were quiet too. They didn't want to go to a chicken camp :(
would they have gotten on the chicken LTR to the chicken camps? driving thru downtown la, feathers pressed against the windows. poor chooks!

i told mine if i catch them consorting with any pigs its the kitchen shears for them!
kids here have tested positive for it - 2 in the middle school here down the road from us. we are going to go into shutdown mode when it comes to leaving this damn house again; i have been the dot on the cdc site for flu progression before/start center and i'm not doing that shit again.
Oh good. I was seeing more and more crowded parking lots at the stores, which meant that the media wasn't getting the ROI from their OMGRECESSION stories and I was wondering what they'd come up with to scare the shit out of us next.

Christ, y'all, I just got over worrying about bird flu. Slow down.

And no one, but no one, will get me to stop loving bacon. Bacon bacon bacon.
they confirmed a case from ohio, where i got sick.

rip k-hate