pacman inkee

hep + grep

_4252070, originally uploaded by t.twelve.

i love this pic that pascal took. grep is the best kitty in the world.

You should meet Becky's Cat 5. Srs, awesome cat. Not that grep isn't a pretty kitteh as well.
Miss J. and Paulina would be all "oh, girl, I love your angles" and Nigel would be all "BUT WE CAN'T SEE HER FACE" and Tyra would be all "whatever, she's my pet contestant this season because she was a single mother and has fucked up kidneys and went to Camp T-Zone" and then you would get your fow-tow handed to you and make a Cover Girl commercial and everyone on televisionwithoutpity would say you were fat.

Also I miss Pascal, where the fuck is he? :(

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Aw, I love that pic. It's like God's shining a sunbeam on you both.
Are you ever going to bring lj drama back? I loved that thing.
That is a lovely, lovely picture. And not just b/c you somehow look like a world-famous rock star posing for Alphonse Mucha. I think I mean Mucha. Possibly Maxfield Parrish. Someone like that.