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swine flu prep

swine flu prep, originally uploaded by hep.

preparing for imminent pandemic. taking zane to the dr right now to test what flu strain she has (her dad went down to socal for work last week and when he arrived home she promptly came down with a case of sarsflu.)

hopefully this flu is it so i have some form of immunity against it
AFAIK masks only help abate transmission, not catching it.
Indeed, still looks fetch tho :)
got my muh'fuckin' gloves, got my muh'fuckin' hand sanitizer, got my muh'fuckin' gloves. the nearest case to me is just in NC, DON'T GIVE A FUCK GETTIN' DECKED OUT.

i hope zane is okay!
Aww. Thought for sure you'd be rocking out a Hello Kitty face mask. :P