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curtains, originally uploaded by hep.

zoe and i made curtains for the kitchen

yeah i love dia de los muertos so i am redoing our whole kitchen in theme. i have all these figurines and saved sugar skulls and stuff, i might as well make some use of it. plus alexander henry did like 15 different day of the dead fabric treatments this year.
is it another one of his patterns? i love his stuff, he is a good fabric maker. i am currently debating which to do our big window in. i should make an lj poll! post pix of apron plz! and thank you!
Yes, I think it's an Alexander Henry. I will try to get pix of the aprons. I have it in black and in turquoise and I love them both. I went looking on ebay for more of the fabric to make more.
try etsy too under supplies. i use this girl: and she is in guerneville, so i am not kidding, its in the mailbox literally the next day after i order it. she almost always has the yardage i need too and will throw it up in a custom auction for me within like 15mins of me emailing her.
this one is super small, its about 1.5 feet long for the short window over my kitchen. I am going to do a set of real cafe curtains for my other window tho.
they are day of the dead curtains. the white skulls are sugar calaveras mmmmmmm now i want to make some. such a pain tho.
no, what makes me the best mom ever is taking evan and yura to play paintball all day today in vallejo (temp is usually in the 90s)

yes come up to sf and i will show you all the cool stuff.

i got a cute one of yura too, but he will never look at the camera. what a brat!

yaaaaaaay! is it an alexander henry fabric? he always does AMAZING day of the dead fabrics.
yeah, its only taken me 4yrs to replace the TERRIBLE blinds over the sink. BLINDS OVER THE SINK. WHO DOES THAT?