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hawk @ work

hawk @ work, originally uploaded by hep.

this hawk has a job which is to deter the seagulls that swarm at the sf dump. she can take out a seagull no prob, tho when they see her moving around they all take off to over the bay.

several years ago i almost convinced a south african chick that we didn't have seagulls in the US. . . in her defense, she was smokin' hot. . .
That's a great shot!
Beautiful bird. Although I don't ever want to see any in my backyard. lol
There are so many of these hawks here, I am absolutely fascinated with them.

In Sunol, by the water temple, there were like 15 of them, on the ground, they are HUGE, I thought they were turkeys.. til they got into the air.

Or maybe it was a falcon.. in any case, it was big and looked like that.

haha Im a dork.. I know
yeah or they could be redhailed hawks. this is another kind of hawk that i forget at the moment. red tailed hawks are HUGE tho, they have orangey-red tails, very distinctive. they are about the size of a medium sized dog and have a fkn huge wingspan. they are also called "chickenhawks" tho they wont take a fullsized chicken.