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lol fog

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yesterday was 100F+. today is fkn fog, 60F + 25mph winds. wtf sf?

btw that is a mountain with a giant fog wave about to break over it. even fkn wunderground lied and told me it would be 69F here with 5mph winds today. LIARS!

now you know what every day was like when I worked in Daly City. Every damn day the fog broke over the hill just like that. Then the sun was no more.
oh i know, it just usually hold off in brisbane until 5pm. i even know the corridor in daly city it comes thru (westborough for us lolol nullcherri used to live RIGHT over there in fogville)
Yeah, I worked right by Serramonte mall, and the fog would roll over that big-ass hill with the cemetery on it... every damn day!
yeah, meanwhile I was driving all over damn SanJose sweating like a whore in church.
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i noticed that too. and there will be fog all of the things i love about it here
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oh i love the fog, don't get me wrong. it's why i live in sf! i hate the heat! but still! sf needs to unschitzo itself so i know what to tell the kids to wear to school!
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yeah it's been teasing us all season. there was that heat wave right after i put my fan in the basement and now i've put it away again and have my heater out.
i hope to hell it isn't a blistering summer. otherwise i'll move to Daly City
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yeah move over to westbourough. that's the corridor our fog comes thru. i live on SB Mountain and we usually are sunny til 5pm then that fog wave rolls down.
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i love that little phenomenon. my mom lives in the hills of Millbrae and i can watch it travel on down to the bay
natural AC~
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ahahha yeah my best friend used to live over on westbourough and she would always sms me at like 10am all "the fog just left. now it's back" and then I would be like SUNNY OVER HERE TIL 5PM BABY!

she moved to emeryville :( bridges :(
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haha yep i wake up in the morning and it's sunny and nice and i drive 15min North to school and it's DRIZZLING AND FOGGY AND 20 DEGREES COOLER
bridges and inland heat :( East Bay is not my fav
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or how about when you read the weather and it's all "no dude, it will TOTALLY be 70F and 5mph winds, you are FINE to just bring a hoodie" and then it's all 51F with 35mph gusts out of the west. D: