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So I made a twitter account over at forever ago but I rarely used it because it was another desktop app/website to pay attn to. Now however I am upgrading my phone to a twitterphone and I def want 1000000x txt msgs every month about each and every one of you, my epalz. So please add me if you are on twitter AND drop me a line here letting me know who you are (it's like aim, I get highly confused when some random nick msgs me out of the etherweb) Also plz let me know here if you added me before because I don't recognize half the nicks following me over there. fkn estalkers.
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oh awesommmme now i can keep up with your guys' adventures even easier. im living vicariously thru you guys.
yay! yeah, this is the first i've been on lj since we left. don't think i'm gonna keep up with it. but i've been twittering it up!
ja i bet its so much easier when you are traveling. i have much of the same problem lately, im on irc and aim, but i have little to no time for lj anymore! but i still wanna keep up with what my friends are doing, etc. plus so many people are only on facebook and i hate interacting thru there.
the new sk lx. i spent about 2wks obsessing over it and finally was like, fuck it. it does what i want. the only thing is i wish i could pull my contacts and back them up on my laptop.
Shockingly, my Twitter account is in the name of jpallan. I know, but my boundless creativity can't be contained.

Amusingly, my husband tweeted from the altar when I consented to marry him. He had his mobile phone in the pocket of his trousers, had typed out the message in advance, and then sent it once I said "Yes."

There's so much wrong there that I can't even begin to go into it, really ...
I'm rayrayisforever on there [used to be nichiyume on lj, migrating to rayrayisforever because of my foreverness]