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tonite is the first meetup of the SF NATIVE mag crew. We are gonna be in Dolores Park on the swingset at 7:30pm, then Sparkie's at 8:30pm. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN TROLLING, MAGAZINES, TROLL MAGAZINES, SAN FRANCISCO, MOCKING HIPSTERS, BEING A HIPSTER, HIPSTER DISSING, HIPSTER DIPPING, SKINNY DIPPING, DOUBLE DIPPING, or you know, anything along those lines *AND* you are local to SF this evening *AND* you are free, please join us to talk about our troll magazine: THE SF NATIVE. / 415 867 9472 if you plan on coming and cannot comment here for some reason. HOORAY! TROLLING!
You need a monthly editorial from a non-native titled, "You are all douches."
god we already have so many ideas. IT WRITES ITSELF YOU KNOW??? Format was the hardest part, but pascal got a fkn mimeograph machine so we are set. That + ink block prints for the cover I think will look fkn fly and homemade as fuck heheheheh.
grr I want to do this, I cannot even express in words how much I detest hipsters..
i will keep you posted. basically think of something you would like to write. we will need a ton of writer submission stuff, articles, etc. old pictures too. any old pictures you can scan i can use somehow.
I have the one pic of us at SF beach..

I'll have to find them, I have so much stuff from that era.

You rock chica
dammit. i kept meaning to comment here and then i'd get a phone call or something. anyway, as i am sure you know by now i wasn't there. sry. :(
it is ok we now have a list of writing article ideas. if you want to do any lemme know!

I was late seeing this, and have to be on a call with India tonight (still on it...right now...) but plz post with the next event and I will be there with bells.
DUDE YOU NEED TO WRITE FOR US! I know you are a non-native but I bet you could make some hilarious jokes about local gyms (my friend was saying there needs to be fixed gear spin classes for hipsters with fixies)
my roommate went to a convention thing at crunch where her employer was a vendor and she said all the trainers had little hot pants on and their titties out. i was appalled.

the jokes about 24 hr at potrero write themselves! :p
yah, we had to go somewhere for hipsterspotting. better inspiration that way.

also i wanted to go somewhere right by the 500 club so i could see if it was full of hipsters on the way (wall to wall confirm)
ive been going to sparky's since i was a little kid. it's like cable car joe's somewhere full of neon that i remember being 2ft tall in.
see, that's how it is with me only with the st. francis. i went there because i had a thing for tuna melts, and they made them so we always had to go there. I WAS THERE BEFORE THEY MADE FRIES, OK.
yeah im the same way with st. f. like i said in that other thread, i've been going there since i was a teeny kid. we lived in the mission back not only before the mission was cool, but before it was white. back when the mission was just referred to as el barrio.

yeah, i remember living in the mission when you had to worry about getting shot by a drive by instead of being run over by a fucking rogue fixie rider.
yeah my memories of the mission as a kid involve absolutely no english. and god, remember when every one of those little lawnstrip walkways had 4 cars on it? mexicans are AWESOME at fitting 20cars in a lot the size of 1.

omg, yeah i do.
i remember mostly being down there and thinking, "oh shit, i dont speak spanish so how am i going to be able to buy anything from the corner store?".