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SF NATIVE mtg report

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OK so we had the first meeting tonite and it went really well. At this point we have a ton of ideas sooo, if you would like to write for this project drop me your email here and I will add you to the google docs shit we have going on here. SF Natives will be good, but we also need non-natives for plenty of tasks. We will also need editors, proofers, people with some design sense, etc. <3

i might not have much time but I can read stuff.

I love to swing on the swings. :)

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well i am not native but i have been here 2 decades. what kind of stuff are you looking to have written??
cute cute picture! so, can a girl who is traveling around the world, but will be returning to the bay area contribute somehow or another?
as soon as i'm back from euroland i'm all over this shit