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my cock

my cock, originally uploaded by hep.

hello this is my rooster. here he is covered in yogurt. chickens love yogurt and it protects them from azn bird flu. however chickens have no hands so when they invariably cover their waddles and beaks in yogurt from slurping it down too quick, they wipe them on the ground with two quick strokes. it is pretty funny and allows me to make jokes like "look at my cock stroke himself" etc. i never said i was mature ok.

today we went to play paintball, and by play i mean read my book in the parking lot. the next two weeks are going to be exceedingly busy what with the end of school, all end of school projects due, helping out at the school for end of school class picnics, and Evan's graduation. soon he will officially be a highschooler! Directly after his graduation and celebratory paintball outing (nullcherri: marineworldafricausa on the afternoon of the 14th?) the children head to Mexico for 2weeks to catch swine flu. So if you are hoping to see me sometime this year, it is best to make plans during this window. plz b advzd.

I like your cock. He's handsome. What kind is he?
Mine love yogurt too. :)

I respond with my cock...
Look it's a cock waving party.
Ok... I'm not mature either.
i know rite? we are comparing cocks!

i just sit and make these jokes all day long at home to my roomates. im sure they think im mentally 5yr old.

also i think he is an americauna rooster, tho he is probably a mixed breed. i just got him out of the bantam bin at the feed store.

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