odrama bin HAXED (>^_^)> <(^_^<) HAMTARO WAS HERE (hep) wrote,
odrama bin HAXED (>^_^)> <(^_^<) HAMTARO WAS HERE


fish!, originally uploaded by hep.

this picture of yura is cute with his fish. we caught fish at clearlake. it was fun. not as many as usual, but we saw some fkn huge carp that just hung out right below the surface of the water by the dock every day. half as long as i am. crazy fish!

today my little cousin is graduating high school. it seems like just a short time ago that I was visiting him in the hospital after his birth. Congrats Benny!


  • everything sucks.

    see subject.

  • ok fine

    i'll come back to livejournal. here is a picture of space. as always, click to embiggen.

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    I stole this meme from tessibean so hopefully I will upkeep it. My name is Hep. I look am 35yr old and I look like this: I am a…

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