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mothra, originally uploaded by hep.

for no reason i can find i am having kidney problems pretty badly lately. this makes me terribly grumpy and whiny. aka goth. so because my heart is dead inside, i post you this dead moth jpg to mirror my soul. etc etc.

also coming up are 500x graduations, Evan's graduation from 8th, the end of school, and sending the children to mexico. my life, it is so hard.

I wanted to post dead kittens, but those images are too disturbing. this shall have to suffice:

ok here is ancient dead kitty skull (lovingly buried and accidentally found while moving a garden bed)

yeah, that's okay. I was just *hurk* at all the guts and stuff falling out everywhere.

Let's leave the animals alone and take care of business.

some things really deserve to die.
You know, it's kind of not fair that you just grab from your flickr, I have to search this shit out.

I see your braindead cop and raise you a dead Paris Hilton.

lol this is too lol

i see your paris hilton intestines, and raise a zaney zombie:

that is awesome.

when I moved my garden bed a couple years ago, I found many rat bones and skulls. I was worried that it would make me sad but it was actually cool. I left some of them on the patio table one day and the Mexican dudes who were laying the patio stones FREAKED THE FUCK OUT and were all pointing and yelling and making wide berths around the table every time they walked by. perhaps I did some sort of no-no? did they think I was a witch? lol :)
BRUJA! yeah they probably thought you were bruja because rat skulls are a typical marker of the bruja (or raven skulls, cat skulls, etc)
I feel ya about the graduations.

Im going to ptown today to go to my nieces graduation.