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water shadow

water shadow, originally uploaded by hep.

i took this at clearlake. kids: still sick. Evan is consistant 102-103 fever for days now, even thru tylenol and ibuprofen. Zoe has been fever free for 12hrs, 12more hrs and she can return to school for the last three days. I can't wait to ship them off to Mexico to get swine flu. Perhaps they can come back with some sort of sickness trifecta and cover me in puke from 3 diff directions. so, classic hepmode, 2days behind on everything and trying to catch up all day today. hope your days are going better e-friends.

Just remember times like these 50 years from now when they get to clean up your messes.
poor sickies! Maybe they will have swine flu immunity before they go south :)
this shit just never ends for me. it's been a month with no break in shit i have to keep on top of. honestly, i can't wait til the kids take off to mexico and i can just relax for a moment. (not likely since i overscheduled myself with work while they re gone FMLLLLLL)
Hey, what part of Mexico? Man feel lucky I NEVER got to send off my demonseed.

It was ON 24/7 365

I felt like I was going to break .. I swear I have PTSD.

I'm trying to kick this stooopid ass cold and finish this quarter, I went to my moms and found HELLA pics from when we lived on 18th and Sanchez.

When shit calms down I want to talk about the SF Native Mag.. My mom's wants to write too.

This picture is stunningly beautiful. Very nice capture.

And hope the kids are doing better.