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graffiti breaking thru the buffer

graffiti breaking thru the buffer, originally uploaded by hep.

the walls at toxic tire beach got buffed out about a year or two ago. enterprise rent-a-car or something bought the old steel lot that the wall enclosed and it's a fkn crime what they did to it. for reference, see the background of the photo below, it was one of regulate and my first dates when he was visiting me up here after campathon the first time.

it was an amazing ever evolving art board that allowed graffiti artists to show their best skills since it was never guarded or antigraffiti laws enforced, but thx 2 dogpatch 3rd st gentrification, the area is now being "cleaned up" and the entire blockwide area has been buffed out with the exception of the rocks and trees.

and this one patch of graffiti. this photo essay brought to you by finally having a relaxing evening without being bound to anyone else's schedule. sry if it messes up your flist but i do not actually care <3

I really wish there were places where people can paint and it can be left alone, or something like that. here in hayward, you HAVE to clean your graffitti, you can't leave a nice piece up for others to admire.

I'm not an artist, but I do admire some good work.

omg that pic is so old. like 4yrs or something. its our 4yr annv this year i think. i am very bad at keeping track of things. now we are all old and have walkers and bifocals.
I woke up the other morning and my entire body cracked and bf said "I am so glad you are as old as me and we can both understand and sympathize"

and I said "you said it grandpa!"

Please, you look like a teenager :D
I generally think gentrification is a good thing [depending on definition of course]. But there is a way to improve an area without completely ruining it's character and uniqueness. It's also possible to have a neighborhood or area that is clean but not sterile and depersonalized.

i tend to think gentrification is not good because i don't think its possible to keep the character of an area without the circumstances that formed said character. ie, ernie's tin roof shack is an awesome bar not because it has tin walls and roof, but because, even tho ernie was super poor they threw together the cheapest materials available to make a drinking establishment where they caroused and partied and had more fun than places that cost thousands of times more to build. once you strip out the necessity for having done those things they just because quaint conversation pieces and it all kind of washes into a bland montage like a chili's or a TGIF's. ok more later i have to sleep
Kinda makes you wonder if you could go up and peel all that pain off...
Hello from the gentrifiers! Walden House's new building (where I work) is right at the corner of 3rd and Evans. We should go 'sploring again some time. Especially now that I actually have free time during summer.
I can look out many of the windows here and see the grain silo on Amador. Oh, and 3rd and Cargo STILL smells like a hog rendering plant.

Have you been over to Richmond much?
thats cuz 3rd/cargo IS a hog rendering plant D: the tallow factory

no i never go across the bay anymore. tho i did mare island but only cuz the boys were playing paintball in vallejo.
unrelated question:

What's your interest in the craigs list photo jobs feed? Are you simply looking for jobs about photography/working with photos?

I noticed something interesting, the feed brings up lots of jobs that want to see a photo of you as part of the application, but are not about modeling or other looks-based professions. I find marketing executive jobs that want to see what you look like very funny.
back in the old days of sidejob photography (i shoot for a couple studios but i also do a lot of freelance work. now i run my own freelance studio) there was no craigslist gigs so you had to constantly trawl the normal craigslist job boards to get one-off photo jobs before they got deleted. i made rss feeds and put them on my flist cuz it was easy to check from my phone. man, i forgot they were on there because i never check my actual flist, i just read filtered versions depending on how much free time i have.