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Dear Bike Nerds:

I apparently need to buy a bike. I originally wanted to get a bmx bike, but out of deference to my beloved yura, I am going to be getting something bigger. Right now I am trying to decide between a road bike and hybrid while also keeping my eye on a few bikes on craigslist. I am leaning more towards roadbike because I will be doing more road riding. Plz take this opportunity to tell me bike nerdery that is applicable. Or tell me why both of these bikes suck and I should totally get a Haru X2. plz advz.

dude you are PREACHING TO THE CONVERTED but if i get a bmx i can't keep up with anyone. BUT I CAN BUNNYHOP! god don't tempt me regulate had to talk at me for like 3months to wear me down for a "grownup" bike.
also im not giving up my bmx bikes. i already have five. that is part of the problem :(
switching from a bmx bike to a road bike is a pretty big change of heart. . . in order for our advice to be useful you might wanna tell us a bit more of what you're planning on using the bike for and what distances you're thinking of riding. . .
mostly road. thats why a road bike or hybrid. i won't be doing any trails or offroad stuff, if i want to do that stuff, i have a bmx trail bike. shorter distances (ie under 20miles total) flatlands with some hills (ie take the train into the city and ride around soma then come home) the problem i m having now with my bmx bikes is that i go riding with yuriy but he is so obviously holding himself back and riding super slow and riding circles around me. i think getting a bunch of gears would fix this problem.

things why i want a hybrid or road bike: weight. im a huge sissy. i weigh 95lbs and, like an ant i can carry 5x my own weight but i don't WANT to. I have to lift this thing up and around on bart and caltrain. something not super heavy or awkward is key. i like the hybrids best but i am worried that after awhile i will feel annoyed with it and want something lighter/faster. t12 said just get a roadbike now and if it's too much bike after 6mo sell it and get a used hybrid.
SF area has mad hills. i'd get a hybrid and put semi-slick tires on it. As for weight, there are a few hybrid makers like Cannondale out there that make superlight frames that are strong like bull. I ride a Cannondale and my 400 pound ass who can leg press 1200 pounds can't even flex the frame under load. It's that strong. Whole bike weighs <20 pounds.
Back when we had space for bikes, K had a Haro V2 and liked it, fwiw. (I had a marin B-17 that I liked quite a lot.)
My advice is that you get a pink bike because it is more efficient and um... good for u to ride a pink bike. That is all.
yeah that is basically what i ended up deciding after much discussion with every bike nerd i know. i have like 5 bmx bikes so if i want to go on some trail or something i will ride one of those. mostly i was nervous about feeling comfortable in a different position, but i figure that if i just force myself into it i will get used to it sooner rather than later.