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new kitten

new kitten, originally uploaded by hep.

what to name him? he is a russian blue.

I got a kitten years ago on a trip to SF and we took her to the Oakland cemetery to pick her own name. She landed on "Mercedes". My current cat, illi, has a palindrome name, like our two dogs, Anna & Otto. :)

He/she is adorable BTW - I just hope you don't go with "Smokey", it's a name that I think needs to retired for good, like the name "Sadie" for a dog, specifically labs.
Russian blues are beautiful cats and the ones I've been around have been talkers... so be prepared for that possibility ;)

No clever names, though, my cleverness is dead this weekend :|
Sky, Czar, Steel, Jasha, Cheslav?

He is beautiful, where did you get him?
I had a mix Russian and he was gorgeous, his name was Yuri Andreovich Zhivago...and my African Grey parrot still calls him.
i joked about it with yuriy (yuri/yuriy being one of the most common russian names) but i already have a yuriy! maybe zhivago tho!
aww, cute kitty
cc (or gcc, if you prefer).