pacman inkee

in bike news - i got a bike

i just rode my bike to the store. i need to acquire some sort of basket or rack + basket to take the kitten. this bike is pretty fly. vry light and it has a lot of gears. i asked for the one with all the gears. if they make more gears i need to get them because i live on top of a fkn mountain. it is not ok and when do we put an elevator to the top of that thing plz advz. speaking of the kitten he is doing really well. he is so friendly and not skittish at all. very well socialized. tomorrow i need to prepare to leave for demure's house. I am vry excited to see my internet girlfriend. and to swim in her pool. expect many pictures of said pool at least until i drop my phone in. hope all of your internet is well and your irl is even better! <3

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I need a new bike. I ride J's bike and it is uncomfortable. I have a cool red helmet though that I put stickers on.
lol i said on facebook! i named it kalashnikov. or ak for short. pivo was a close second (yuriy liked it) but naming a cat after beer is mean. also he didn't want to explain it to his parents. hehe!
the bike is hot!

so is the kitten!


have fun in the pool! :)