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lol bad idea substitutions

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Evan (who is 14 now) had a subscription to Electronic Gaming Monthly but I guess they went out of business so the magazine company gave him a Maxim subscription instead. Which is fine, he is at that age you know, but still, what if he had been 10 still, or what if my mom was his mom?! too lol.

Hahahaha wow. You'd think they'd give you an choice of substitutions, rather than just sending one that THEY think is appropriate!
RIGHT! and i mean, i get that like, as adults video game guys -> sexy magazines, but VIDEOGAMES are not the sole purview of adults! I was like WHOA! when I saw it.
Nor are they the sole purvey of men either! What if it was a lady subscriber? Hahaha I wonder if they sent the subscribers with female names Better Homes & Gardens or some crap.
"she is a girl and girls like flowers!" which reminds me, i was buying a bike recently, DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FIND A GIRLS BIKE WITHOUT FLOWERS ON IT? i mean, nothing against flowers, i LOVE flowers! but still! since when do flowers = girls past like 4th grade! BIKE SEXISM!!!!!
dude i went to basically every bike shop in sf. they all had flowers. all of them that were "women's" which I need because I have stubby arms and the top tube has to be sized down. I had to go to the internet! and it has maple leaves on it! but only because it is canadian.
yeah down here it's all fixies and hipsters. i don't even know. i also was unable to look at ALL the women's bikes, since i was specifically looking for the smallest sized ones. i am sure they had tons that didn't have flowers. the only bike i found without flowers that came close to fitting me was a boys bike that just happened to be left in stock because it was super small and hadn't fit anyone yet, but top tube issue/stubby arms issue.

I used to pray stuff like this would happen to me when I was his age.

maybe it's an answered prayer? i don't get it he has the internet!
looool! man, i am totally not mad about it, i was just thinking if like, my super fundie catholic mother saw it. she would flip her shit! personally i think it's awesome, now we get maxim! i didn't even have to do anything! i think evan is going to be pretty annoyed that his video game magazine is gone tho.
I'd be happy to get Maxim, but like you said, some kids (and adults) are gonna be annoyed that they're not getting their gaming mag anymore. And hey, maybe there's another one out there that they may want as a substitute. Granted, it may be with another publisher (OH NOOEEEZZZ!) but the consumer should be given that choice to take their money elsewhere.
it does say you can ask them for a refund if you don't want it, but for a pain in the ass mail them something. like i have stamps! or envelopes! maybe i can make one out of printer paper and tape.
Yeah, after they already send that one mag, and it'll take 6-8 weeks to process, which means 1-2 more issues, which means less "pro-rated" refund for you ;)
yeah its totally shady! i wonder if the balance of people who decide they want it and reupp is worth it. it would be an interesting case for like an advertising class or something. i am not sure if this counts as advertising?
It's definitely a marketing ploy, even if a weak one. If the decision was made by EGM's publisher to transfer it to Maxim, they more than likely looked at the magazine's demographic studies and figured Maxim would be a safe bet in the way of transferring the advertiser dollars over, as well. So in a way, it does go back to advertising, since y'know... demographics make the advertising world go round.
ahahah god. i just hate using punctuation on stuff like lj. having to do formal corp correspondence all day long makes me rebel in tiny ways that no one cares about or understands.
Holy shit - that's real?!? They talked about that on, but I thought it was a joke.
The best part of this for me is that both my parents AND my grandparents had subscriptions to this magazine (my grandparents bought and love a Wii, so they wanted .. Honestly, I don't know what they wanted. They never read it.). A ma zing.
I will have to find out! That would be HILARIOUS.

I'll bet they did, the sub was in my grandfather's name.
Maybe all the gaming subscribers can start writing letters to the editor of Maxim and shift its reporting more towards gaming! Babes + games!
hold on....
Are you sure this is just a blind substitution?
Sure the sticker points that way....but words are just words.
Are you *SURE* Evan didn't receive some kind of notification of termination of EGM and then *PICK* something in lieu of EGM???
Something to go with playing with joysticks either way I guess?

Thank you, thank you, tip your waitstaff...