pacman inkee

oh flist

because i love you, i bring you:

ninjalie is the one who found this. She is also organizing an outing on Thursday to hit up one of their shows irl. I am thinking SF NATIVE basically *has* to cover this. What say you?
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loooool that is the best running into a url friend irl for the first time story ever! i love ninjalie, she is hilarious. her and her boyfriend being all into bikes with my boyfriend is one of the things that motivated me to get a bike. if she can keep up with them i can too i think!
it was awesome to begin with - the fact that she stepped up & i actually found her on lj is what makes it so super awesome. :D

it really did make joe's day though.
yeah finding her on livejournal makes the story extra awesome for sure. joe has a very memorable face tho, i think he would be recognizable irl.
well i don't think she recognized him by his bare ass. :D

it's mostly the dreads that clue people in.
man i don't have enough time for lj as it is. none of my posts are locked, you're not missing a thing. :*
Its cool but I actually saw your tldr post today and was going to delete you since I don't really read you anymore its nothing personal.
Is that a hair metal band of furries?

Please say it's not.
Lets rock this bitch. What do you have in your magic costume box for the fur concert?
i know i have a bunch of panda hoodies. there is a cow suit somewhere:

i also have a dino hoodie but i dunno where that is off the top of my head. what else. somewhere there is a pig suit and mask but i think it has a cop hat sewn to the top of it.
I think my fursonality is more closely suited to Panda or Dinosaur. I am an animorph so I can adapt.
I know you love pink so I will be blue panda. I think I am more of a panda than a dinosaur because I hate procreating and enjoy bamboo.
I just want you to know that I basically had to turn off the Internet for the night after seeing this. meeeeow argh blargh what