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kalashnikov video

I maded this out of pictures I took with my dslr. I have a tendancy to sit in one place and just shoot continuous until my card fills. So now instead of never looking at those shots again I am going to make movies out of them. Here is the kitten acting like a spaz and attacking Evan's hoodie sleeve through a milk crate. For some reason he is obsessed with this milk crate and sits in it constantly. I think I am going to get a rack for my bike and strap the crate to the back. Then I can make some sort of little cage top and the kitten can ride bikes with us!
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you should get him used to a harness & leash! i had a cat that fucking loved it.
ahahah we totally are! I bought him a little toy dog harness. It's the only way he gets to go outside since it's fkn wild animal kingdom out there and he will get eaten by a hawk. He does super good on it and I take him out 3x a day for about a half hour each. When I was younger before evan I had a kitten that loved the leash, he went everywhere with me even as a full grown cat. I looked a long time on all the kitten rescue orgs for a super laid back kitten that is very easy going.

the cat i had started trying to dart out the door when my ex & i moved into a ground-floor apartment (he had only been in top-floor ones previously) & there was no way in hell we were going to let him out with a tow yard across the street from us. we were in a college town, so i got some weird looks with a cat on a leash.
I keep wanting to do a frame-by-frame movie with my DSLR, I saw a really amazingly detailed one the other day where it was hard to tell that it was done that way. Of course, I'd rather just get a 5DmkII and put the magic lantern firmware on it.. but that's a bit off (but, getting closer).