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RIP KFC and Syn the Rooster

KFC aka Tiny Hawk Chikken, originally uploaded by hep.

Raccoons got into our coop last night and decimated my flock. They killed my favorite hen :( This afternoon I went and got a new batch of chicks since we are down to one egg layer (Oreo has yet to mature into laying eggs but it should be any day now) so expect pictures of the chicks over the weekend. I am super sad tho, I loved KFC, she was the sweetest hen and would cuddle in my lap. She was my favorite hen next to Red Hen aka Pong who died last year:

yeah her being sick the other day made it easier to bear i think because i wasn't expecting her to make it thru the night. I am not ashamed to admit I cried over a chicken!
so far the brahma is Brwack O'Brahma. Or Mi'Shell O'Brahma if it turns out to be a hen. The other 3 are unnamed.
i know! those fkn coons! it's insane tho, they actually pried bricks out of the base of the chicken run and opened the sliding door.

I have always hated them since me and my mother got FUCKING STALKED by one who was probably gonna try to jack our food >: O
oh man, we went camping once and our friend kevin was having a war with the raccoons. they would roll up like four of them to distract him and he would throw shit, and axes, and chase them then one would have snuck around behind to gank bags of cookies off the table.
I learned from watching the saga of other LJ friends getting their poultry coop up and running that you can't get too emotionally attached to them, even when you hand raise them, because the turnover is so high.

They had enough land that they were able to get geese to scare away some of the predators. They had a feral cat problem and a weasel problem.. last I heard, those were fixed.
oh i know, i raised chickens as a kid and my teenage job was working at a veal slaughterhouse. i still get sad when they die out of turn tho. our problem is 100% raccoons, the feral cats the rooster could take no problem. but there are these crazy ladies over here that insist on feeding the feral cats aka feeding the skunks and raccoons so there are like 40 raccoons here. I am gonna get a catapult and start flinging them over the mountain to you.
oh man, i am so sorry.

the last picture looks like Lunch (one of my hens).