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snacktime, originally uploaded by hep.

kalashnikov tries for a delicious snack

the kitten is SUPER interested in the chicks cuz he doesn't get to see them a lot (they live in the girls' room right now, and the girls are still out of town so it's all locked up from kitties.) he doesn't really want to eat them, mostly just figure out what they are. the older cats won't fuck with them cuz they know baby chicks turn into mean chickens who chase them around the yard.
it is ok, yuriy was right there, the kitten wasn't allowed to actually hurt the chick. they need to be socialized together when they are young tho, or if they grow into roosters when they are older they won't recognize the cats as ok and will try to kill them. a full grown rooster can do serious damage to and possibly kill a cat.
Oh and..

I'm Eric. I live in Oakland now, but I lived in SF for like the first 10+ years of my life. I in fact was in SF on Sat. to see Frank Black. We (you Hep, and I) have never met even though as I said I'm in Oakland and you're in SF, and I was just in SF. We share a mutual friend who lives in Oakland. I think you know :D I have been drinking tonight which may explain this silly post of mine tonight. As you also know, I've had a shitty day, which is also the cause for the drinking specificly tonite. I like Mythbusters for the show, and the fact that it is in the Bay Area. I've lived in NY for may years but Bay Area I call my home. Though my heart may have other ideas. Uhmm yeah.. I do not currently have any pets of my own however there is a pet of my roommate here that is quite amusing and you should meet one day. So yeah.. Uhmm Uhmm stuff.. Ravioli!! That was like random.. since I did not have ravioli anytime recently :D