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outta my way

outta my way, originally uploaded by hep.

hello lj. life is busy. have a picture of a chick and a kitten. this chick's name is tempura. the other chicks are as follows: eggo (waffle), brwack obrahma (or mi shell obrahma if it does turn out to be a hen) and kamikazi. kamikazi feels like the rooster so far. i will post corresponding jpgs of chicks + names at a later date. enjoy.

also this article pisses me the fuck off:

a) power socket != power cable != keyboard cable. yes technically the keyboard is powered thru it but that is like saying a toilet is a drinking fountain just because there is water there.
b) who uses ps/2 keyboards that is worth hacking anymore?
c) capacitors.
This is news? It's TEMPEST! The idea's been around since the 60s and possible since the 80s!

Also, Model Ms are pretty cool keyboards.
Cat is in fact Kitten. Kitten is clueless about Bird, which is in fact Chick.

Bigger Cats know that Chick turns into Hen, or even worse, Rooster, which has Beak and Claws and Bad Temper and is to be Avoided.

Hep's socializing them together so that the chickens will be used to the cats when they grow up - she's worried about the chickens hurting the cats, not the other way around.

sorry hep, I've seen you explain this like ten times and thought I'd save you doing it again