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and now we dance

what is this, originally uploaded by hep.

first please enjoy this jpg of a kitten and chick.

i find it is best to do these sort of life updates in phonecam jpgs lately because i do not seem to pull out my actual camera anymore other than to take pictures of my assorted animals. but here is what we have been up to lately as in this weekend.

saturday zane and i rode our bikes around town because it was the town wide garage sale. we scored tons of awesome items including a new lens sleeve and a gorillapod. sunday morning we all got up early and zane, evan, roger, yuriy, and i headed downtown for brunch (brenda's which is awesome. roger has good taste in food) before hitting up petco so zane could get a new hamster.

then yuriy and i hopped on caltrain up to the city. Rode from 22nd St Caltrain to the Mission where we met up with jason, pavla, pascal, ian, and tracy and then rode to Chrissy Field and Ft. Point. After picnicking up there we rode back across the city to Dolores Park for some prime hipsterspotting. After that we rode to Cancun, then back to 22nd St Station. Roger was nice enough to pick us up from the train and give us a ride up the hill because i do not think i could even have walked it, my legs were so tired.

today i did not think i would be able to ride, but yuriy is wfh so we decided to ride around town and grab lunch. i was able to ride down to the taqueria and then halfway to the quarry up to the secret skatepark. on the way home however i saw my dad on his way to his place and he was nice enough to give me a ride up the hill so i wouldn't have to push my bike the entire way. someday maybe i will be able to ride up the mountain but i doubt it.

hopefully i can keep up riding my bike at least 1x a day. riding with yuriy to the train and then back on my own is what i do most days which is roughly 5miles with 1 tiny hill and 1 insanitymountain that i need to walk of shame up at the end. working on it tho. all of the various animals are well, kitten continues to be adorable, and children are evolving at acceptable rates. how are all of you epalz? hope your irls are as fun as mine is! <3

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