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I was going to wait until morning to post this but I am too mad. I am also too mad to be articulate so I am going to cut and paste girlvinyl's post because she is much more eloquent than I can ever be and I agree with everything she says:

I'm not normally one to make 'statements' on things in regard to internet drama. Even when that NYT article came out last year, I didn't comment on it. Most things happen and I know that it's wiser to sit quietly and let people fight things out amongst themselves. For a variety of reasons.

But today something happened that I feel I should comment on because it affects me and will eventually effect you too.

AT&T has started blocking 4chan for it's customers. Right now there are just internet forums and posts with people chiming in and no real word of exactly what is happening and how widespread it is. It doesn't appear to be all customers right now, but it does appear to be geographically diverse.

I do not use 4chan. I don't understand it and I honestly find it sort of boring. I'm an obsessive gawker devotee, to give an idea of my browsing habits. I like faux news and lol news and some light politics. The content at 4chan is too much for me to handle in general. But 4chan and ED have a close and strange relationship. ED was not started to catalog 4chan, it was started to make fun of LJ, but a lot of 4chan users and ED users started to overlap, so the content began to overlap. 4chan's founder became Time's person of the year, 4chan has grown and grown and grown. ED has grown too. And a lot of that growth comes at times when 4chan is down. When 4chan experiences downtime, ED experiences significant increases in traffic. ED appears to be the second stop for 4chan users when their main site is unavailable.

It's not my place to judge the merit of content on ED or 4chan, but I am an avid proponent of free speech. I understand that AT&T is a business and that that business has the right to shape it's network traffic as it sees fit. And of course it's customers have the right to choose another ISP [well, unless AT&T has a monopoly in that locality, in which case they have the right to file an anti-trust lolsuit, which is a dismal reality]. However, the FCC affords common carrier status to AT&T. This means that they have a responsibility to provide the service in a way that is conducive to the public good.

4chan is the cesspool of the internet. I think most people will agree on this. That's why this battle has started with 4chan. It's easy to justify to the general public that this censorship is "good" censorship and that 4chan shouldn't be accessible to anyone, for any reason. Other websites will then be blocked by AT&T, ED being one of them. The smaller ISPs will follow suit, citing AT&T as precedent and eventually there will be blacklists of sites that all ISPs implement for the "public safety". Thus we have internet censorship with no laws necessary. Even if there are laws against it, Obama has made it clear that he and the congress are happy to excuse this kind of behavior by internet companies and will protect them from any kind of law suit.

If you have AT&T, I highly suggest you switch to another ISP as soon as you can. If you switch to another provider, you can probably get a better deal with a 6 month promotion anyway.

Get a list of ISPs in your area

And here is the ED article which is being formulated currently. It includes a list of numbers to call to cancel your AT&T service.

Techcrunch article
Examiner article
Oh, I will point something else out also...

People are going to say that ATT was battling a ddos and that makes it ok. But it doesn't. It absolutely does not. Blocking the outbound access of your own customer is appropriate to stop a ddos. Blocking all customer access to a certain website is not.

The only way this is acceptable is if the server is initiating sustained ddos attacks toward ATT customers or acting as a phishing site. An ISP should not block access to a website simply because they feel it is generating too much traffic.

Two days? WTF!
ATT is indeed blocking it on purpose for it's residential customers. (6 entries, 1 announced)
Protocol next hop:
Age: 2d 9:44:55 Metric: 0 Metric2: 0
Communities: 7132:666 7132:9999 no-export
Localpref: 2000
as weev pointed out, if they were blocking DoS they'd be doing it by IP on layer 4 on the core routers, not blocking it on layer 7 on edge routers.

However, as I told him, malicious code on /b/ has been used to create DDoS using the machines of /b/tards before, though without the assistance or support of the 4chan management. If AT&T felt that img.4chan was being used to conscript their users' machines into a botnet, that might explain (if not justify) this action.

hueg bureaucracy, man. Considering that they evidently failed to consult their legal department... this wasn't exactly done intelligently.
I don't know about that. People who run large websites typically don't have too much time for other internet trickery. I know girlvinyl is practically run off her feet with ED a lot of the time, and 4chan's bigger and more infamous.

I would suspect that his notification system consists of his moderators going "hey moot the /b/tards are saying X is happening and we are getting all these emails about X, halp" or similar.
I really wish Apple would hurry up and make deals with other providers, so that I can move my iPhone over. I like AT&T over Verizon (my only other option... ugh) when it comes to mobile service, but if AT&T is pulling this shit with their internet customers, I don't want to give them my money for any portion of their services.
I believe the ATT/apple exclusivity deal ends July 2010. That's when apple is going to start making phones for other carriers, or phones that are unlocked completely. I actually had a really good experience as a customer of tmobile for 12 years, but I wanted an iphone!
I'm just crossing my fingers they don't sign a new deal with AT&T. Unlocked iPhone would be [insert appropriate fap-related language here].

T-Mobile reception sucks around here... otherwise they'd be a viable option :(
hmm few things to consider...

not all places are made equal and if people play the censorship is bad card, att will play the, we are actively trying to protect our customers card.

also let me tell you a story about a router that was hardcoded to take users of it to a web page that sold stuff. Many people thought their computers were infected with a trojan or something, but it turns out Belkin actually made a router that did that. Yet people still buy their products?!
Last time I checked my ISP was AT&T (though I might be wrong since my parents handle it). /b/ is working fine for me. But this is pretty fucking infuriating regardless.