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In an effort to blog more as per girlvinyl's advice, I am writing up my birthday weekend happenings. I am trying to use more words and less pictures so here are a bunch of pictures with words. Friday was my actual birthday, the children conspired together to make me delicious breakfasts. Evan apparently woke up super early and biked down to the store for supplies. Then Zoe and Zane exiled me from the kitchen and created a delicious array of crepes with carmalized apples and fresh whipped cream. Zoe was head chef, with Zane as sous chef. Evan also handled cleanup.

Later in the evening I had dinner with the children, Roger, and my mom. My mom got me a super cool biking windbreaker that is extremely thin, light, and folds up into its own pocket. A+! On Saturday Yuriy and I got up early and headed into the city for breakfast. Unfortunately I made the mistake of taking advil on an empty stomach, throwing grease and a couple sips of champagne on top, then topping it all with a starbuck's doubleshot. Terrible idea. So we biked around Berkeley all day on a magical mission for pants, but my stomach was fkn killing me most of the time. It was so fun though, I love riding bikes with Yuriy and showing him the Bay Area. After biking around all day we rode to the Missouri Lounge on San Pablo, aka Zeitgeist East and met up with a bunch of friends, then we all rode down to nullcherri and Dr J's place where Jason spun records for us (big ups for 2pac) and we played video games. Then we all rode our bikes to bart. At some point later in the evening Yuriy attempted to make creme brulee from what I can tell of the mess in the kitchen.

Today we went to the magical mystery wonderland that is the San Jose Flea Market. We caltrained down and then biked some 6miles there. Pretty easy ride and super fun. Walked around in the sun all day, ate greasy fair food, bought silly trinkets and continued on my as yet unfulfilled quest for the perfect 2pac RIP shirt. I did however find a shirt with Pancho Villa, Pepito, and SubCommandante Marco on it. A++. I saw many things that I resisted buying for Renee because I know that she does not actually need a giant velvet painting of a unicorn and a wolf, but I reserve the right to purchase it next weekend. The San Jose Flea Market is basically the best place in the world.

Today I also figured out that the noise the bart trains make when they stop in the stations is the same noise as in the end of Rez from Rez/Cowgirl off Everything Everything by Underworld. Been driving me crazy for years. Who is going to Underworld on Friday? Yuriy got me tickets for my bday so we will be there for shore! <3
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i know right? everytime i see babe stuff i jpg it to show the studio. then we all lolz.
what the fuck, i need little mini-me's to make me breakfast.
i don't even know man. the flea market runs thurs, fri, sat, & sun. We are going back next sat i think to stock up on camping supplies for our big camping death trip at the end of aug.
it rules that your kids are old enough now to make really GOOD breakfasts.
yeah, mostly zoe is the chef. her dad is a cook and taught her tons of stuff, plus she watches all those whack cooking shows on food network and keeps notes of stuff she likes on there. she also buys and reads hella cookbooks. she is really into it, i take no credit on the teaching or anything. I can cook mexican food and desserts, but that is about it.
I am seriously impressed by how thoughtful your kids are. :)

Happy b-lated!
That sounds like an awesome birthday weekend.

I live walking distance from the Missouri Lounge so if you're in the neighborhood again, let's have a drink!
oo ok! i think we will be going back for sure, if only for the doubledecker sandwich they do. (it's like two grilled cheese sammiches together with a layer of chicken between them. srsly awesome)
Man, when I saw Underworld it was at a festival and during the day. Daylight is not right for them at all.
ahahah i wonder if she knows what comes up for hepkitten on google.
Crazy. You have kids that make you breakfast! Crazy! I have no concept. I am a little bit jealous.
it takes awhile to get them to that point, and only really zoe can cook. evan has no interest in food that does not involve a microwave, and zane hasn't decided if she wants to learn to cook or if it will be "zoe's thing" yet. she makes a good sous chef tho!
I swear, each time I ride my bike I love it more! Next time you're in San Jose lets all go bike riding okay? I have to stay in town this weekend but lets do an adventure to the flea market soon!
I am going to UnderWorld on Friday too.
Have you been to the Fox Theater yet?
It is gorgeous.
where are your seats at??

Glad you had a super fab birthday!
omg YAAAAY! i think we have general admit/floor seats. i have not been there i do not think. i'm so excited tho! i just hope yuriy can get off work at a reasonable hour so we can drive over there.