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get well grep

lol grep, originally uploaded by hep.

my kitty grep is sick with a lump over her eye. the vet says he thinks it is probably just an abscess and we have an appt first thing in the am, but i am going to worry uncontrollably until then. grep is my baby kitty :(((((

everyone hug your cats extra hard and give them a kiss.
now I have facial scratches and fur in my mouth. Look what you did to me. But grep will be fine! Plus grep is cute. My cats are just black. But still cute.
A fighting with another cat sort of abscess? I have outdoor cats that get those all the time, they are scary because they can act really sick and have fevers.. but they recover really fast once they are drained.
my tortie and calico send their love and best wishes

will give them an extra scritch
ahh i hope things go ok! :(

i take a nap with my cat every afternoon. i just hugged her.
Hugs to you and grep (and my kitties) here's hoping it's just a scratch.

Abscesses are horrific to look at, but they usually heal a lot faster than you'd think. <3
awwww grep :(

Cats make me die, but I will hug my dogs instead (even though they are wet and stinky). And I will send kitty Reiki.