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I got this idea from tiajuanabible and vulgarcriminal who did them first. I have added a lot of new people lately! Most of you have no idea who I am.

My name is Hep. I am a 31 year old female living in the Bay Area of California, USA. I was born in San Francisco (hereby referred to as SF or The City as it should be), grew up in SF and the North Bay (one parent lived in one, one parent lived in the other). I am half mexican, half muttslav by ethnicity. My family on both sides is from San Francisco going back many generations, all the way to when it was Yerba Buena in some cases. I now live 10mins from downtown SF in an undisclosed location to deter stalkers. I look like this:

I have three kids by two fathers. We all (fathers, kids, & myself) live together in a giant house on top of a mountain. I also live with my boyfriend Yuriy in aforementioned house on mountain. This sounds like a lot more drama than it is. At this point it has been over 10yrs since I have dated either of the fathers and we are pretty much just all really close friends/roomates now who happen to all share in childraising duties. The children are Evan (male - 14yr) a freshman in high school, Zoe (female - 12yr) a seventh grader in middle school, and Zane (female - 10yr) a fifth grader in elementary school. I got pregnant with Evan extremely young, in my teens, however he is amazing, and I have never regretted having children when I did. I think it gives me a lot more energy and more perspective on children being closer to their age than is usual. I don't recommend teen parenting, but when it happens it is not the end of the world, and rising up to meet the challenge is totally worth it.

Yuriy and I have been dating for 4yrs come the 20th (ish). We don't really have a formal date. The first time we met IRL we basically instantly started dating. We met on a annual group camping trip that our social group goes on, and we tend to use it to mark our anniversary every year. We knew each other online for a number of years, he was a friend and former cow-orker of one of my best friends (aempirei) and many of my other close friends. I used to troll the irc channels he hung out on pretty aggressively. Terribly out of character for me, I know. When we first started dating, Yuriy lived down in Socal (the OC) and we dated long distance for about 3 weeks before he said fuck it and moved in with me up here. We have never really looked back.

Yura is my best friend and my partner in crime. Sometimes love at first sight really does exist. He works as a software engineer in a big company in the South Bay and used to be a part of the whiteh@ security industry before he joined us on the whiteh8 one disclosure, one bullet industry. He pretty much hates the internet despite having written much of it, and refuses to ever partake in any social networking, blogging, what have you. He does however, still irc. He is also a huge bike nerd and a card carrying fixie riding hipster. He is the reason I got into biking so much, and trust me, biking the Bay Area is fan-fucking-tastic. Bike nerds: you were all right. Consider me converted. Yuriy is a russian refugee to the US, with a green card which makes him a resident alien. He is my little gray! He came here in his teens, so we have complimentary pop culture gaps, and we fill each other in on what we missed.

I work as a professional photographer both as second shooter for a couple of studios and freelance for a couple of clients. Mostly I do this so I can arrange my schedule how I please for more volunteering time at the various schools the children attend. I also still do a lot of activism work, particularly in and for mexico. Many years ago I was a Known Internet Troll by virtue of the fact that I founded and ran the livejournal community ljdrama. I later was Internet Notorious for being the Mayor of Bantown which was involved in the great LJ hack of 2006. I have a permanent account because of weev's hacking skillz during the great LJ Vuln contest of the same year. I have hung out in the hack scene for a number of years (decades), however I no longer consider myself a hacker at all, mostly now I just enjoy pointing out the hypocrisy of the infosec scene with regard to the hack scene, and lolling at all of the drama the hack scene perpetuates. See: whitehats vs blackhats, one disclosure one bullet, and zf05.txt for examples. However these days the closest I come to hacking is writing shell scripts and applescript bullshit for my mac, so please don't ask me how to hack someone's gmail or I will respect you less.

This is getting long so I will wrap it up. I have a lot of animals that I love very much. We raise both chickens and rabbits. We have 3 cats, a large malamute dog, 2 hamsters, a bearded dragon, a tortoise, a rabbit, and 6 chickens currently. I am also hoping to add a minicow and/or a goat to our minifarm this year. I am always happy to answer questions about raising animals as my mother and stepfather live on a farm next door to a hundred acre dairy ranch, and I grew up raising basically every kind of animal you can raise on a farm. I think raising animals is necessary for kids to learn both how to deal with death and to provide a real basis for empathy in humanity. I tend to look down on a lot of other parents since, if I can raise halfway decent children while getting knocked up in my extremely early teens, everyone else should be able to suck it up and do a decent job as well. I find a lot of people do not do that, and instead whine about how it's everyone else's job to raise their kids. I also have many health problems which leads me to struggle continuously with my weight in the opposite direction as most people. This makes a lot of people with weight problems hate me, but trust me, from the other end of the scale things are just as fucked up. You will often notice me referencing this issue in my journal, if you try and tell me how lucky I am to be so thin I will probably throw a rant at you. It is not luck, it is a huge suck, trust me.

I think that is everything. Any questions?
Awe thx you! I have been meaning to do something like this for some time, it's just getting the time to write, and what to put in you know? once I started writing tho, it sort all flowed together right. I keep having to edit and add stuff I forgot tho. hehe!
i know right? it was in, I think, like 2003-2004? God that seems like yesterday!
If I wasn't so lazy, I would do one of these too.

Maybe in honor of blogothon.

Lol regulate bauhaus tshirt.
he still wears that shirt ALL THE TIME. I like to tease him that he was a goth. He also loves Joy Division, so def goth.
I have always found myself wondering how Yuriy's name is pronounced. I haven't a clue and would mercilessly butcher it.
hmm how to write phonetically. "URR-ee". Like the japanese Yuri. Just in cyrillic, his name was spelled with the extra character, so he gets an extra y on the english spelled version. He is a russian immigrant so, REALLY russian.
Thank you for this!

That explains a lot. :)

My mom was Mexican... although I am not. I'm adopted. My birth family is pretty much mostly German. I have pretty much always said I maybe white on the outside, but my heart is brown. :D

Living with all those guys sounds really really complicated and... hard. But you are the one doing it so I trust you know what you are doing. lol!

I do not have kids, but I TOTALLY agree with what you said about parenting.

Kudos to you for having your kid early and making it work.

My birth mom was a teen age mom. I'm pretty sure back in 71 her parents didn't really give her the option to keep me.

Oh that explains the beautiful photos too!
i am also white on the outside, brown in the heart. due to slavness, i am extremely pale and basically the only mexicana features i bear are my height, my facial features, and spanish red hair.

living altogether is surprisingly stressfree. we all have our own rooms, and they are both in other long term longtime relationships. everyone has different areas of expertise (i deal with sick children, one of my roomates cooks, another one deals with the internet & wiring, etc) and we all pretty much get along.
awe that's sweet. i really DONT think of myself as anything of the sort tho. i just really really really believe in personal responsibility.
I hate other people's kids but mine and the ones belonging to the people I choose to associate with.

I did meet, what I thought was a very sweet, very adorable Filipino girl on the bus. We were making faces at each other and she was asking me what various things were, and I would answer her.

That's when she tried to kiss me. I blew a kiss at her, but stayed my distance. When her mother tried to explain to her this was not appropriate, the little girl slapped her mom across the face.

Hate other people's kids. You need to know the parents first.
Awww, you didn't explain yer fascination/obsession/wtf with 2Pac.

Also, yer awesome. I'm so glad I know you.
i love 2pac. growing up in the bay, you kinda had to, he was our boy. plus i was a teen mother during the time he release "keep your head up" and that was a really important song during rough times for me.
I thought you were like 26 still, but that was just the age you were when we first talked.

i know rite? what lols me is nc is almost 18 now! ALMOST ABLE TO VOTE!



aaargh I am moving in with you, don't try to stop me goddammit! Can I bring my large hairy dogs and my husband? He LOVES to clean house.

Everything associated with your life is so pretty. Now I want to see pictures of the other two boys. :) And I want to write one of these, too, but my life is so boring! I think I will go cut :(

or maybe just take a shower I dunno.
Yay, that answered a bunch of questions I had in my mind. :)