pacman inkee


i love how he askes her fully like 10x. and everytime she is like, can you repeat the question? i think she is the female alberto gonzales.
and then she is like "we are in the process of..."

which basically means "no, we haven't done it."

i don't think she ever said "no" in that video when he asked her if she/they had done her/their jobs.
yeah im always surprised when people are surprised. its like, really? you are that naive? i still always lol at the ability of politicians to word-circle tho. she does some alberto gonzales worthy moves up there.
the problem with asking general questions like that is that no one in their right mind who cares about their job would answer them honestly. a better strategy would be to ask for the data so that gov't analysts can answer it. then, there is some hope of truth or neutrality.
I think a lot of obviously sound lending was required during an exceptional time and I'm glad the FOMC did it.